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'DR' Strength FAQ

'DR' Strength, or simply 'DR', stands for Directory Rate Strength (not Doctor Strength :), it is a number between 0 and 10 used to show the strength of a directory.

What's does it signify?
The DR of a directory signifies a directories strength relative to other directories, it is calculated using many different factors and gives you an instant idea of how strong a directory is.

What do you mean by 'strong'?
The DR of a directory tells you how beneficial having a link on the directory in question may be, in terms of gaining traffic to your site, general exposure and SEO benefits.

How is it calculated?
DR is calculated using many different metrics and factors, unfortunately we cannot give you precise details on the algorithm used.

How can I increase my DR strength?
As mentioned above, there are many factors used in calculating DR , if you wish to increase the DR of your directory, follow these tips:

  • Gain back links to your directory
    Back links go a long way to helping you raise your DR, gaining as many links as possible, and from good quality sources, will help increase your DR.
  • Optimize for search engines
    Search engines are the key to the success of any web site, and your directory should be no exception. Making your directory as SE friendly as possible will help raise its DR.
  • Keep it well maintained
    There is no point people submitting their site to your directory if you never actually spend time approving them, you don't have to approve everybody within a day or two, but do keep your directory well maintained.
  • Add value
    Adding value to your directory by building in useful mods or additional content is a great way to separate your directory from the rest, and benefits you in gaining more links as people link to your articles or blog posts.
  • Encourage ratings from your users
    Every directory at Directory Rate can be rated, ratings are useful for many reasons, firstly they give you great feedback on the good and bad about your directory, and secondly they allow users to see what others thought of using your site. Additionally, a good set of ratings will go a small way to raising your DR strength.

I'm not happy about my DR strength, my directory should have a higher strength!
We apologize if the DR of your directory is lower than you feel it should be. We work hard to ensure our algorithm is fair to all and ranks directories in a true and honest way, placing truly great directories at the top and new or neglected directories towards the bottom.

If you feel there is a real error in your directories DR, please feel free to email us and we will double check the DR of your site, however most of the time you simply need to follow our tips above for improving your DR, if you do, you will soon see your directory rising up the rankings and achieving the position it will deserve.

More Questions?
If you have any further questions about DR, just email us at: info (at) directoryrate.com


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